Oversight is a Need for All
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Oversight is a Need for Us All

“An unplowed field produces food for the poor, but injustice sweeps it away."

By: Samantha Rucker

All are called to do what they can to fight Injustice of every sort, in asking why ADCRR needs independent external oversight, it’s the necessity to examine the dangers or misrepresentation of little or no oversight at all. 

In ADCRR there are so many changing hands that have the control over so many and oversight holds those in the positions accountable. Take John for example who has worked for ADCRR over 20 years, moving up the chain of command from CO2 to Deputy Warden. 

One day an unexpected event occurs on the yard John operates, an inmate dies from heat exhaustion. John comes to work the next day, has a meeting with the director and instead of talking with John, he and both shifts are fired. What right did ADCRR have letting go John and his crew who happened to work the later shift, and not the one the girl died on? What right did they have to give them a blanket punishment? Little did John know that up on becoming D. W. there was no one to represent him, or protect him and after 20 years of doing his job, following the rules, treating inmates and officers alike all was over, because of one officer’s lack of judgment. 

Weeks went by and John couldn’t shake the feeling of being Bamboozled and he had learned his fellow co-workers reached out to their Union. The union got involved in the procedure in which the Injustice that was done to him and his co-workers was rectified. It’s sad that a lost soul, only wanting some water had to lose her life, but that doesn’t give ADCRR the power or control they do have to “pass the buck” down the line, instead they need to hold those truly responsible accountable. Stand for all Injustice, not just those done to our inmates.

There is a growing concern of the security or safety of inmates, due to the lack of Staff. This creates two problems into one. First they (the staff) are considered security for let’s say 1,000 inmates yet now they can keep inmates secure when there’s one officer running the whole unit? In the event there’s a fight in one bay or a riot in the other, who’s holding our inmates accountable or safe in the officer’s absence? 

More importantly, what about officer safety? He or she is 1/2 a yard of many? How is he or she able to do their job of keeping themselves and the inmate safe? Oversight allows for higher-ups to expand the need for more staff, protect the inmates and officers alike. What job do you know where there is no supervision? In restaurants, hospitals, schools, churches, parks, sporting venues, Even in our own government there are city councilmen, mayor’s, governors who have to use oversight to help keep a balance even our president is held accountable by the people to make sure oversight does not become corrupted.

In all areas of life, oversight is needed or there will be chaos and madness. Anyone that has the ability to have control over your life to damage or prosper it needs to be held accountable. You can’t punish a wrong by making a greater wrong to cover up the first wrong, if people begin to change their mindset, then change incarceration, it changes the outlook all together. Everyone fits one of the above-mentioned categories, one way or another oh, the question is not why does ADCRR need independent external oversight, but, why would they not want independent external oversight, what do they have to hide?

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