About the Pledge

The ongoing damage caused by ADCRR failures and the lack of oversight in Arizona corrections is undeniable.  And the harm continues to impact Arizona citizens of all political persuasions and socio-economic class.

This is truly a nonpartisan issue that requires a bipartisan solution.

Together, as community leaders and lawmakers, we can create a common-sense legislative solution. But the first step is committing to work together to stop the bleeding.

Politicians often run for office saying they defend public safety and fiscal responsibility, but then quickly turn their backs on constituents.

By signing the Restore Public Trust in Corrections pledge, candidates and incumbents make a written commitment to support oversight, accountability, and transparency in Arizona corrections.

While ATAC has the role of promoting and monitoring the Pledge, the Pledge is made to your constituents, who deserve to know where you stand on the issue.

Take the Pledge

We invite you to sign the Restore Public Trust in Corrections pledge.
Put in writing your support for common-sense oversight, transparency, and accountability in Arizona corrections.
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